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EKF Mother Ship Kayak Fishing Trips

The Everglades City and Chokoloskee Island areas are wonderful places to kayak fish. Excellent snook, redfish and tarpon fishing is available very near our local launch sites. While the fishing is very good nearby, there are some absolutely spectacular places for kayak fishing deep in the backcountry of the Everglades National Park and the 10,000 Islands.

The Park and the surrounding areas are extremely vast, comprising over 1.4 million flooded acres. Most areas are simply too far away to paddle for the typical kayak fisherman. However, these places are not out of your reach.

Using a dedicate kayak transport mother ship, the Yak Attack, our experienced captains and guides will transport you, the outfitted fishing kayaks and your gear to the far reaches of the Park for days fishing. Once we reach our chosen fishing area, we deploy the kayaks to fish the area for the morning. After a well deserved lunch break on the boat or on a beach. we fish for several more hours in the afternoon and then load up and head back to Everglades City in time for dinner at a local restaurant. We literally are fishing places that will take the normal person DAYS of paddling just to get to.

The Park is huge offering many fishing opportunities and countless fishing locations. It is a very dynamic marine estuary system and the largest mangrove forest in this hemisphere. Many areas, particularly many of the mangrove run out creeks are only accessible by kayak and canoe. They meander through mangrove tunnels into wind protected estuary lakes and bays. These glass calm areas, especially in the cooler months, can be loaded with small tarpon and snook. A light tackle and fly fisherman's paradise.

On one of our most popular trips, we transport you, the fishing kayaks and your gear up to the creek mouths and then deploy the kayaks to access the mangrove tunnels, creeks and the fish. The experience of being in these remote places is "worth the price of admission". Because of the "tight quarters, the Mangrove Creek trip is limited to just four anglers to prevent spooking fish. As such, they are available only on a reservation basis or when they are fewer anglers on one of our scheduled trips.

A second type of mother ship trip is our most common and popular. Up to six anglers on each boat can be accommodated allowing for larger groups, as well as, and separate individuals. We usually fish areas that are more open, varied and spacious ... the larger creeks, river mouths, bays, bights, beaches, flats, etc. Since we can fish a variety of the Park's eco-systems on these trips, the corresponding number of species available is greater (typically, so is the "action"). Snook, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, pompano, mangrove snapper, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, and jack crevalle are the most common species caught.

Many of these trips are pre-scheduled on selected dates and are open to anyone on a first-come-first-served basis (scheduled mother ship trips). These trips are typically scheduled on the weekends. However, if these dates are not convenient, with a bit of notice, we should be able to accommodate most any schedule.

On the pre-scheduled trips, you may be fishing with an angler who is traveling alone; an experienced kayak fisherman who wants to fish a different part of the Park, or an outdoor writer working on a piece you just never know. We can assure you, however, that you will enjoy meeting new friends who share a common interest while experiencing some very special parts of this fishery.

These trips are great for groups and families, alike. On the typical flats skiff that used in this area, it is tough to fish more than two anglers without being crowded. If you are fly fishing, only one angler can fish at a time on a flats boat. Many times in a group, something is lost if you are fishing on separate boats and not fishing together. These Yak Attack trips give back that feeling of "fishing camaraderie". Up to six can fish together without packing on to a larger boat, but in a few strokes of your paddle you can have back your "space". Combine this trip with a day a flats skiff and an offshore trip, and you have a complete Everglades Fishing Experience.

For the family, these are perhaps the best trips that we offer. Transported to a remote beach, we setup "base camp" on the beach with chairs, umbrellas and coolers. The beaches offer great shelling, wading, birding, sunning and paddling ... everything that you want on a beach, except the crowds and noise. Everyone has an outfitted kayak. Those in the family who want to fish "hard core" may, those that want to fish a little can, those that just want to watch will ... but only as long as they want to. Everyone experiences things at their own pace on the same trip on the same day. The fisherman can fish and beach-goers can beach ... or both ... a little or a lot.

Space is limited to just six so make your reservations well in advance. The cost is only $675 for the first three anglers, and $225 for each additional angler. This includes your outfitted fishing kayak, transportation and guide service. We are typically away from the dock for in excess of nine hours. You are encouraged to bring your own fishing gear and tackle, but we do have plenty to rent should you need to. Since you are fishing out of your own boat, you will also need a valid Florida fishing license for this trip. It cost ~$10 for an out-of-state; three-day license and they are available online.