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Capt. Charles Wright
Everglades Kayak Fishing
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remote destinations with EKF
Special Destinations with EKF

Throughout the year, Everglades Kayak Fishing puts together kayak fishing trips to Special Destinations throughout the State of Florida, the Caribbean and even South America. On her trailer we are able to bring the Yak Attack to selected destinations and then use her to access fishing grounds previously unreachable to the average kayak fisherman. Most trips are fully outfitted and provisioned. Watch the website for the announcement of these trips and the specific details. They truly are "special".


2011 EKF Special Destination Trips

August, September & October (2011 dates pending) Marquesas/Tortugas - Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snapper

September (2011 dates pending) Surinam, SA -Wolf Fish, Red Tail, Piranha, Peacock Bass, Tarpon

October (dates pending) Hurricane Flat, South Biscayne Bay, Florida &Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit

December (dates pending) Wizard Creek Everglades National Park & Snook!!!

Brief Trip Descriptions

Wizard Creek Camping and Snook Fishing (December)
Wizard Creek is one of the most unique areas within the western Everglades National Park. A creek that runs from the gulf waters through the mangrove wilderness into the backwaters of the Wilderness Waterway, it is a super-highway shortcut for both fish and wading birds. While the place is always rich in fodder for the wading birds, sometimes the Creek is like "fish soup", alive with baitfish, birds and SNOOK!

In November and December, the Creek is absolutely "soupy" with snook. One Thanksgiving Day, I took my wife Vickie there early in the morning. She released 22 slot sized snook and we were back in time for the turkey dinner. The article, published in several magazines, is about fishing Wizard Creek in December. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Leaving Everglades City the afternoon of the first evening, it is about an hours ride in the Yak Attack deep into the Park's core. We run through the mangrove backcountry passing Chokoloskee Island, traveling up the Lopez River, though Crooked Creek, into Sunday Bay and then along the Wilderness Waterway above the headwaters of the Huston River through Chevalier and Cannon Bays. Upon arrival, we immediately set up camp at a ground site very near the mouth of the Creek. A very short paddle away is Wizard Creek.

The Creek is actually a system of interconnecting bays and creeks. There is an entire world back in these back bays with lots of opportunity for some great fishing. While the Creek holds tarpon, redfish, snappers, black drum, sharks and even grouper, it is the snook fishing that really is special

Timed for an early rising full moon, this trip allows us to fish either night or day or both if you choose. These trips are typically over a weekend, so you can fish Friday evening/night, all day (and all night, if you choose) Saturday and most of the day Sunday. Early Sunday afternoon, we will break camp and head back to Everglades City. This trip is completely outfitted and provisioned for $495/per angler but is limited to six anglers

Jurassic Park/Cape Sable Camping Trip (January, February & March) This is perhaps our best kayak fishing/camping trips. Camping on a 20 mile long pristine, remote beach, we transport daily 10- 15 miles on the Yak Attack to fish an area rich with snook, redfish and tarpon ... and crocodiles! We call it Jurassic Park. It is a vast shallow water fishery that only paddle craft can access. Expansive, sheltered waters harbor significant populations of snook, tarpon redfish. With the nearest launch site over 10 miles away across open water, the area is rarely fished.

Jurassic Park is wonderful, but the Cape Sable Beaches are even more so. The beaches of Cape Sable are a beautiful, unspoiled Florida paradise. Literally stretching for miles, they are an excellent fishery in themselves. A morning stroll or a moonlight paddle, with or without a rod, gives some well deserve "alone time". With an excellent supply of natural firewood, a good cigar, a few adult beverages and rods in the sand spikes, a bonfire on the beach is a nightly tradition.

We typically have two EKF guides on this trip each leading anglers into a different area of the fishery. On many of the trips, we will have a flats boat along and include a daily trip into the headwaters of Whitewater Bay for tarpon.

Look at Florida map, the very tiny point on the farthest reach of the mainland is where we will be camped ... 25 miles from the nearest piece of concrete. Great fishing, great sunrises, great sunsets, great food and great friends make for a great trip. Three days of guided fishing and two nights !!!. The trip is completely outfitted and provisioned. You can read about the last  trip CLICK HERE

Lower Florida Keys (May/August) One of our most popular trips, this trip to the Lower Keys targets bonefish, tarpon and permit on some of the most spectacularly beautiful flats in North America. Having fished this area of the Keys since I was kid, it is a place very special to me. We "base camp" in a plush home complete with a hot tub, an outside bar, a giant deck, four bed rooms, two kitchens, and five balconies & you get the idea. Sometimes, however, we will stay in a very cozy waterfront hotel, as well. We do daily transports in the Yak Attack to specific areas for bonefish and permit and to other areas for tarpon. My personal favorite flats are near the Content and Snipe Keys on the Gulf side & a mere 17 mile paddle away.

We do this trip in the late spring and again in the late summer. On the spring trip, if the weather allows, we will take the Yak Attack into the Gulf Stream at least one day and fish for dolphin (aka, mahi-mahi, dorado) and sailfish. This is a blast! In the late summer, we do a lot of diving for lobsters on the trip. After all, you do not want fresh grouper, snapper and shrimp for dinner every night!

These trips are typically five nights in the "camp" and four days of fishing. Unlike most of our other trips, we are but 30 miles from Key West so there is plenty of night life, great restaurants, shopping and entertainment. This is also a fantastic trip for couples, so bring the spouse.

Homosassa Springs Tarpon Fishing Trip. (June) Homosassa, actually, Chasshowitza Point is infamous for big, late spring tarpon. It is the place where the Holy Grail of Fly Fishing was found ... a 200+ pound tarpon on fly. The crystal clear, deep water flats hold schools of full grown fish. Best fished with a fly while staked out, the fish will come to you in daisy chaining pods. A properly placed fly or lure and the "Chaz Sleigh Ride" is on.

The near shore creek systems and salt marshes are great for redfish. Early mornings, at the lower stages of the tides and before the sun is right for the tarpon, we fish "inside" for red fish. Toss in a few morning speckled trout or a stray cobia in the mix before launching a silver dinosaur into the air at lunch and you will have the makings of a great day. Enjoy a good meal at one of the local restaurants and some adult beverages while listening to some live music before retiring to nice waterfront motel room.

This trip is typically four night of lodging and three days of fishing lead up to the full moon.

Hurricane Flat, South Biscayne Bay, Florida (October)
. Since I was a kid, I have been fishing South Biscayne Bay; home to some of the biggest bonefish that you will find anywhere in Florida or the Caribbean. A place that we, affectionately, call Hurricane Flat is particularly productive for big bones. Even on blustery days, it is a place calm enough even to fly fish; hence the name.

Hurricane, however, is ringed by a rise in the bottom like a mini-atoll. Even with the skinniest technical poling skiffs, you only have about 45 minutes of prime tidal time to get after these big fish. If you stay much longer, you can get trapped and will get to spend the rest of the day in the beached in the sun. (Please do not ask me how I know!) With kayaks, those 45 minutes are transformed into over two hours. This is a virtually life time with these double digit sized bonefish.

These trips are timed for the absolute best tides for both tarpon and bonefish. Typically, we are fishing for two or three days and are renting hotel rooms in Homestead. We leave each day in the Yak Attack, well before sunrise, in order to be in place in the kayaks before first light. Very near to the place where we deploy the kayaks, can be some spectacular tarpon fishing at dawn. Just a short paddle from the tarpon is Hurricane Flat and several other, superb bonefish flats.

Suwannee River; House Boat and Kayak Fishing (July/August) This is one of my personal favorite trips. We rent houseboats from Millers Marina in the town of Suwannee. Three double beds, a pullout futon and airbeds, if needed, the houseboat provide comfortable accommodations. Equipped with a generator, refrigerator/freezer, full kitchen, gas grills, satellite radio, blender, etc. and with the Yak Attack towing behind, we have everything that we need for a great time.

The mouth of the Suwannee River offers good fishing for redfish and speckled trout most anytime. However, we anchor in a place up not to far from the mouth where full grown tarpon usually like to linger. A day or two into the trip, we will move upstream and anchor near several creeks in prime large mouth bass country.

Each morning, we take the Yak Attack out the mouth of the river and then long the coast to fish the shallows for redfish and trout. July is the opening of scallop season, so during the heat of the day, we snorkel for scallops in the grass beds in the Gulf of Mexico or we take the Yak Attack upriver to the fresh water springs that flow out of the Floridian aquifer. I am still not sure if the 72 degree water is refreshing, body-shocking or both. Manatee Springs, Fanning Springs and Hart Springs are within easy reach with the Yak Attack, but it is still really hard to pass up the rope swings on the river on the way back.

This trip is particularly wonderful trips for a group of couples or a family. In the evenings, if you still have the energy, you can fish for tarpon or for bass depending on where we are moored. Bring your snorkel gear. The price varies on the number of houseboats that we choose to utilize. Two houseboats rafted together seem to be the best for most guests.

Marquesas Keys/Dry Tortugas (September & October) A new trip for EKF, we leave from Key West on a 43', very well airconditioned boat, loaded with kayaks, fishing gear and provisions destined for the Marquesas and/or the Dry Tortugas. The trip is planned for three nights and three day days of guided kayak fishing for bonefish, tarpon, barracuda, permit, snapper and grouper. Full accommodations, bunks, showers, kitchen, etc are provided on the boat.

Plan to arrive in Key West the first day and unload your gear on the boat right away. Then enjoy the rest of the day and that first night in Key West with bunk house accommodations over looking the water. Have a great time that evening, but be ready early in the morning to be making way for the Marquesas Keys. Just as soon as we are anchored and the boat is secured, we will launch the kayaks. Fish as hard, as long and as often as you like, day or night & or not at all! Relaxing at sunset with a good cigar and a cold adult beverage, after a great seafood dinner, I assure you, is a big part of my plans. The Marquesas Keys are world famous for bonefish, tarpon and permit. However, we will need to do a bit of snapper fishing for the sunset cerviche!

We will be moored in the Marquesas Keys for two nights providing ample time for fishing, diving, exploring and relaxing. We will return to Key West the afternoon of the third day. Showers are available dockside when we return.

If you factor in the accommodations in Key West and on the mother ship, the play time in Key West itself and the kayak fishing, this trip is a real value at for a party of six. This trip includes your outfitted fishing kayak, mother ship transportation, three nights accommodations, all meals, ice, captain and kayak fishing guide services. 

Surinam, South America (September, October & November 2010)

A new trip with our Netherlands partner, we will be kayak fishing and camping in the rain forests for tarpon, wolf fish, red tail and catfish (150 lbs), piranha and peacock bass. Details will be posted soon.